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Ishikawa 2007 develops the concept of the original Ishikawa project also shown on this website.


The ‘5Ps’ form of the Ishikawa diagram, which identifies the causes People, Plant, Product, Place and Process as the main possible causes of a problem, is again interpreted with series of photographs.  However, unlike in the original project,  the Process cause has been broken down further with the specific causes of Abstract, Portrait, Still Life and Composition.   These were chosen because they represent genres of image making.  The main causes and specific causes are represented by series of exactly ten photographs each.  All photographs were taken during 2006 with 35mm equipment.  Black and white and colour transparency films were used.  The films were scanned and printed digitally. 


The series of photographs for People is a monochrome study showing people at work and performing rituals.


The series for Product and Still life depict images of man and animals respectively in largely three-dimensional (model) form.  The choice of animals as the subject matter for Still life reflects a literal interpretation of the concept of a ‘still life-form’.  The series for Portrait depicts man in two-dimensional form.  A progression from a ‘head and shoulders’ framing to a ‘full length’ framing takes place during the series.


The series for both Plant and Composition continue the interpretations outlined for these causes in the original project, i.e. they attempt to make visual representations of the multiple meanings and connotations association with the words ‘plant’ and ‘composition’.


In the series for Place, indirect references and clues are used to reveal the identity or character of a place.  These may take the form of slogans, lettering, signs, reflections, paintings and other visual references.


The word ‘abstract’ has several meanings: one is that it relates to thought rather than matter, another is to remove from a larger entity or concept.  The series interpreting Abstract combines these two meanings; it is a deliberate attempt (a thought process) to isolate or remove particular visual components, such as colour, texture, pattern, form and shape from a field of view or object.


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