Surreal 2009 gallery





Surreal” is a series of photographs taken during 2008.


The photographs are typical of surrealist works, featuring the elements of surprise, unexpected juxtapositions and non sequitur (humour). They can be broadly classified into three groups:


Group 1

Photographs of objects which are deliberately contrived to be surreal in nature, e.g. a surreal sculpture.


Group 2

Photographs of objects where are not deliberately contrived to be surreal in nature but become so because of their circumstance, e.g. their arrangement, orientation or location.  The circumstance may be created deliberately or randomly.


Group 3

Photographs of objects which are neither deliberately contrived to be surreal in nature, nor become surreal because of their circumstance, but become so because of the composition, or perspective, selected by the photographer.


The series alludes to the “Ishikawa project” previously created by the photographer.  Grouping of photographs according to the themes of “people”, “plant”, “product”, “place” and “process”, the core methodology in the “Ishikawa project”, is evident.  However, the current series is necessarily less rigorously treated and several of the themes are frequently combined into individual photographs.  All the photographs are fundamentally documentary in style.


Two important observations can be drawn from the series.  Firstly, the majority of photographs are figurative in one form or another; some incorporate man himself, others incorporate models of man.   This seems to reinforce the concept that surrealist works derive from a philosophy which rests within the mind of man and thus man must appear to act as a reference point, champion or idol for these works.  Secondly, many of the photographs involve reflective imaging.  As well as producing dream-like qualities, additional cognitive processing is required to “unravel” such images which again reinforces the cerebral nature of surrealist works.


All of the photographs were taken with digital cameras and printed digitally.


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