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‘Performance Art’ is a project created by the photographer Dr Robert Organ from photographs taken in 2019.  It is split into a number of sub-themes which explore various interpretations of the title: the art of performing by people and animals, art used to facilitate a performance (e.g. set design and costumes), graphical illustrations of performances, botanical beauty  and exciting artworks and sculpture (inferring a level of concept, skill and performance in their preparation).  All of the photographs are documentary in nature and were captured and printed digitally.  The sub-themes are as follows:

1.  Performers.

This shows people at work and leisure where there is a sense of performance to the public.  Many photographs were taken as people prepared for a Wales Rugby World Cup game in Nagoya.  Others include an infant’s school musical parade in Okayama.

2.  Cosplayers. 

Cosplayers are people who dress-up in costumes.   In Japan, it is common for the young (and sometimes not so              you) to dress in the costumes of anime characters.  The photographs in this sub-theme concentrates largely on these who had gathered at an event in Kyoto.

3.  Nature’s show. 

Natural beauty is depicted in this sub-theme where the photographs have the order: flowers, leaves, trees, natural landscapes, gardens with interesting architectural backdrops and art and sculptures of natural forms.

4.  Animal performers. 

The Windsor dog show was documented.  The photographs are loosely ordered using a time-based approach: the show ground with its stalls, arrival and movement of the dogs through the show ground, the dogs waiting in their cages for their turn to be judged, grooming and preparation for the big moment, judging before finally awarding the prizes.

5.  Animal art. 

This showw the many ways that animals are portrayed graphically or in 3D representations.  The photographs are ordered in the following sequence: insects, reptiles and dinosaurs, sea-based animals and mammals – rodents, cats, dogs, horses, primates, bears and others.

6.  Set design and props. 

Masks, costumes, painted backdrops, billboards, souvenirs and lamps make up this sub-theme.

7.  Sculptures.

The photographs show exciting and challenging sculptures. Many were photographed at the Towada Art Center and the biennial sculpture festival at the Odney Club in Cookham.  The photographs are ordered: busts, full body figures,     multiple figures, natural forms, industrial and architectural forms and abstract sculptures.

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