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NOEL 2018

Santa Fun Run








‘Noel is a name for Christmas.  This festive time of the year is interpreted in this photographic project.  The inspiration came from attending a Santa Fun Run and visits to the Christmas markets in and around the city of Stuttgart in Germany   the traditional and typical market in Stuttgart itself, the baroque-themed market in Ludwigsburg and the medieval-themed market in Esslingen.  The project comprises four groups of  photographs:

1.        Santa Fun Run

This a is a document of the events at a Santa Fun Run charity event at Dorney Lake between Windsor and Maidenhead.

2.        Celebrations

Christmas is a time when people let their hair down and enjoy themselves – sing, dance and be merry!  Some do so as part of rituals, others just indulge in leisure activities.  Both are captured in this series.

3.        Decorations

This series shows images and models of Santa, snowmen, reindeer, religious scenes and other festive icons which are brought out at Christmas and used to decorate the home, commercial premises and the community.

4.        Presents

Christmas is a time for gift giving and indulgence.  The photographs in this series are grouped around the sub-themes of items for sale depicting people or animals, clothing items, food and drink, utensils for the home, small festive decorations and toys.

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