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The Big Country

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One of the definitions of the word 'Multiplex' is a building containing two or more cinemas, such that films can be viewed by different audiences at the same time.  In this project, various films and features associated with films are interpreted using series of photographs.  Each series is described below:

1.  What’s On.

The 'movie' poster is an essential communication tool to inform customers what is showing in the cinema and to provide an enticing summary of the nature and content of the film to be shown.  In a similar manner, posters, wall art, graffiti and building decoration, i.e. words and/or images, encourage us to deliberate and generate a mental picture of the environment and people around them. 

2.  Glorious Technicolor.

'Technicolor' is a colour motion picture process invented in 1916.  It became known and celebrated for its highly saturated colour.  The photographs in this series attempt to emulate this saturation.  The initial photographs in the series  isolate individual colours, later photographs two colours, and so on, before depicting multiple colours.

3.  Vantage Point.

'Vantage Point' is a 2008 thriller which focuses on an assassination attempt on the President of the USA as seen from the various vantage points of different characters.  The importance of vantage points in capturing buildings and the built environment is presented systematically: wide shot, down, straight-on, close-up, left, right, through and upwards.

4.  Bladerunner.

'Bladerunner' is a 1982 neo-noir science fiction film set in a dystopian Los Angeles in November 2019.  It is famous for its production design depicting a 'retrofitted' future.  This process of taking the buildings of today and attempting to glimpse a future world is attempted through this series of photographs of ultra-modern or iconic buildings.

5.  The Big Country.

The 1958 epic, 'The Big Country', is a story of land disputes in the West of the USA.  As the name implies, this area is defined by its vast landscape and land forms.  Photographs of the Grand Canyon, the giant Coastal Redwoods (the tallest trees in the world) and the man-made Hoover Dam pay homage to this sense of scale and gigantic endeavour.All
photographs were taken with digital cameras and processed digitally.


6.  The Jungle Book.

This interpretation of the 1967 animated Walt Disney classic, 'The Jungle Book', starts with pictures of plants and flora akin to the jungle setting of the film.  Highly animated photographs of models of animals are added, starting with birds, then mammals, before ending with the 'King of the Jungle', the lion. 

7.  Crimson Tide.

The artist Paul Cummins’ World War 1 memorial installation at The Tower of London in 2014 comprised flooding the moat with 888,246 ceramic poppies.   A 'Crimson Tide' (film, 1995) was created.

8.  Hello Dolly.

The series 'Hello Dolly' (film, 1969) shows models of the human form created in many ways from tailors’ dummies, retail models, dolls and wax-works to formal sculptures produced in a variety of media.

9.  The Hunger Games

The plot of the film ‘The Hunger Games’ (2012) at its most basic interpretation involves people competing in games to win prizes, such as food.  This series of photographs attempts to interpret this film and starts with those in need of basic life sustenance, such as food and water, and their subsequent consumption. Following from this are photographs of people at work, earning the means for achieving this sustenance.  The series concludes with people at leisure, satiating higher spiritual needs.  Many of the photographs are humorous in nature, and suitably humorous titles are given to these where appropriate.   As with other projects by the photographer, the pictures of people are shown in black and white.

10.  Twin Peaks

'Twin Peaks' was a television series which culminated in a film, 'Fire Walk with Me', in 1992.  Both are remembered for their surreal, unsettling tone and supernatural features.  They were filled with quirky characters.   This series follows suit.

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