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The photographer of this project, Dr Robert Organ, has been married for over 26 years to Kazuko Organ (nee Kobashi), a Japanese lady from the city of Kurashiki in Japan.  He has visited Japan over twenty times.  This project is a vignette of Japan and was provided to Torfaen Museum for its ‘A Celebration of Pontypool and Japan’ event in 2019 .  It shows famous landmarks, such as Mount Fuji, The Golden Temple at Kyoto, Himeji Castle, the peace statue in Nagasaki and the snow monkeys bathing in the hot springs in the mountains near Nagano.   The Japanese love of gardens is depicted.  There are images of the great stroll gardens of the Korakuen in Okayama, the Kenrokuen in Kanazawa and the Kairakuen in Mito as well as the gravel gardens in the Adachi Art Gallery in Matsue.  The latter, along with the image of the ladies watering the street, allude to the Japanese trait for refinement, attention to detail and cleanliness.  Other traditional cultural aspects are captured in a Noh Theatre performance, an  unusually-coloured Buddhist statue, the straw adornment on the temple, the wearing of decorative kimonos at a graduation ceremony and a wedding costume.  Many of the pictures are typical tourist views but more intimate images are included, such as the traditional dance lesson attended by Kazuko and the cherry blossom celebrations, due to the unique access offered by being part of a Japanese family.  Japanese food is renowned for its colourfulness and a glimpse of this is seen in the bright red crab retail model which adorns one of Osaka’s most famous crab eateries.  Perhaps the love of colour is subconsciously absorbed from viewing the coy which change and glimmer like the colours in a kaleidoscope. 

The images are taken with film and digital cameras.  However, all photographs were printed digitally with pigment inks to afford image permanence.


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